Living Well Services

Liz Crocker of Living Well Services is a specialist counsellor and teacher in personal energy management.

Liz is a pioneer in energy psychology, identifying the deep-rooted emotional and mental energy that results in recurring personal thoughts and behaviours. This involves specialised personal energy management to release negativity and re-align clients to their core values and desires using highly-attuned tracking and counselling. Via Living Well Services Liz has counselled more than 2000 clients over the last 20 years.

  • Graduated: University of Western Ontario (Canada) MA Psychology
  • Practical experience working in psychiatric and community health centres (Canada and Australia)
  • Studying and applying Transactional analysis, Family Therapy and Meditation
  • Additional Psychology studies Macquarie University (Sydney – Australia)
  • Delivering Leadership and staff development training – including career-path management
  • Personal growth trainings in Australia and USA over many years
  • 2007 – managing Employment Assistant Programs specialising in trauma and workplace issues
  • Preferred psychologist for endometriosis
  • Training medical doctors, nurses and frontline health professionals in effective communication skills and managing their energy when dealing with crisis and trauma
  • Sole practitioner; Liz has been servicing a global client base throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States, and Europe
  • Private practitioner for 30 years